Most bill pay options are extended directly from the service provider or from banks who want to expedite this task. Other options are extended, but often come with a warning of scam or potential harm. But since 2008, doxo — a brand born in Seattle, Washington — has shared this type of secure financial service with individuals, focusing on a customer-centered approach to bill payment.

Emerging with the assistance of investors such as Bezos Expeditions and Sigma Partners, doxo strived to solve a void in the financial marketplace; the company aimed to share an all-in-one bill pay service to consumers that had flexibility in payment options as well as ease of access for accomplishing multiple payments via one method. doxo launched its service more than a decade ago as a crowdsourced, customer-focused brand. It not only allows users to pay several bills from its accessible portal, but users can do so on-the-go thanks to mobile capabilities. To date, more than three million users have signed up for doxo’s service with an additional 45,000 companies implementing doxo as a payment tool.