Despite an internet that has long existed by this point, there still exists some fear for putting one’s personal information online. The need for secure methods of data transfer free from breach warnings or other alerts is crucial. In 2008, doxo emerged with a secure, safe and easy means of bill payment on the internet that also meets customer needs and satisfaction. From a headquarters in Seattle, Washington, doxo launched over a decade ago to address safety concerns and a lack of convenience among other bill-pay methods. doxo presented, and continues to offer, a simple method for paying multiple bills at once and with immense flexibility among options for payment.

In this decade of work in the financial sector, doxo has amassed more than three million users to its platform. Additionally, over 45,000 companies across many industries have offered doxo as a payment tool to its customer base. doxo has more than doubled its own customers in recent years, sharing this secure method for payment via computer and mobile to provide the widest range of convenient possibilities to its users.